Open Add / Development

Open Add / Development

Postby SpiderX22 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:27 pm

Was thinking about a use for our Development server.

We can leave it as Development, but use it as a track testing server. Every person who is a member of rG would be added as an operator there, giving them permission to add tracks, skip tracks, and repeat tracks. Admins would be the only ones who can remove tracks. We would need to leave the tracks rateable when not finished (which hopefully will not be the case for our other servers soon), so that everyone can rate them.

The way to use these tracks should be:
Tracks need at least 6 local karma votes to be considered (which means someone needs to fix our Karma system, since its mad broken)

Tracks with Local Karma (ignore global) of 40 or less should be erased and not added to any of our servers
Tracks with Local Karma (ignore global) of between 40 and 60 should stay on this server and can be added at an admin's discretion
Tracks with Local Karma (ignore global) of 60 or more should be added to their respective server (Madness or Lunatic) and erased from this server

When you add a track on this server to one of the other servers (Madness/Lunatic), please ensure you erase it on this server (Development)

This should work well with rg Madness tracks, but might be less useful for lunatic tracks. Theoretically, this might need to become a private server, or require a password so we don't voter fraud or karma abuse.

Helpful commands:
/admin add ### = adds a track, where ### is the tmx (TMNF section) ID
/admin add ### tmu = adds a track, where ### is the tmx (TMUF section) ID
/admin erasethis = erases current track
/admin erase "###" = erases tracks with that ID (NOT the tmx ID)
/list = gets the track IDs

More commands:
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Re: Open Add / Development

Postby kamenos » Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:17 pm

Nice idea there :) I agree generally. It would also be nice for the <40 tracks to be deleted automatically :) (If this is possible via scripting)

I also agree that this should not apply for the lunatic server, as many show their love to the maps (-----------) based on frustration :P
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