Track request: Jimmy's Night Ep. 2

Track request: Jimmy's Night Ep. 2

Postby TheJmJ » Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:00 pm

Hi there!
I made a new map, and maybe you could add this to the server?

TMX info below
Spoiler: Show
Hi there!

This is my second map of "Jimmy's Night" series, what is made for Trackmania 2 Stadium, and this one is maybe a bit more for "timebreakers"
It is pretty easy to finish, but it's pretty hard to get a good time here.

Please, give your thoughts of the map, and tell me what I should improve in next map I'm going to make.

Enjoy, and start timebreaking!

- Below 30sec map
- Tech
- Easy to finish, challenging to beat times
- Including GPS

Regards, TheJmJ

TMX link

Give your thoughts, should this map be added to the server, if not, tell me why :3 I want to improve my maps in future, yknow? ;)

Regards. TheJmJ
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