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Any New members that have xfire or steam feel free to apply to our respective communities here: or

Application Guide

Postby TRDave » Tue Feb 12, 2013 12:48 am

Want to join our clan? Then please post an application in this section of the forum.

When posting an application, please give as much information as possible. Or if you wish, you can use this simple template:

(IA= If Applicable)
My Trackmania Login is (IA):
My Trackmania Nickname is (IA):
Gender (M/F):
My location is (Country):

My favorite Trackmania Server is (IA):
I play Trackmania: [hours a week]
I have played Trackmania for: [Years/Months]
Gaming Style (Fun, Competitive, Hardcore, etc):
Who recommended you to join (IA):
I want to be a part of the Reflex Gamers community because:

Additional Contact Info (IA):
Xfire login (IA):
Steam login (IA):
Skype login (IA):

This is a basic template that covers the minimum amount of information we want from applications. If you want to include anything else or want to tell us more about yourself, then please do.

Once you have posted your application, our clan members will either vote +1 or -1 for your application.
ONLY current clan members who have been in the clan for AT LEAST 2 weeks may vote on your application.
You must have at least +8 combined votes from rG members to be accepted.

If you are accepted, one of our admins will reply to your application and post a link to our clan tags. You will then be added to the RG Member groups on this forum and our TM servers soon after.

Once you are accepted, head on over to the Introductions section of our forum and introduce yourself to the clan.

And please feel free to apply to our online communities:
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