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Clan History

Postby Kenny » Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:46 pm

Reflex Gamers was founded by 4 friends : Kenny, Sprinter, Black Sheep and Stoked. All of us have been playing Track Mania for many years. We originally were part of another clan called FBI (3 of us at least) and they were a great clan with great racers. FBI eventually had to shut down due to the server prices and inactivity of leaders. We were not going to let FBI completely die. We then decided to get as many FBI members to switch over to keep FBI alive. The FBI members that had switched over were : Kenny, Sprinter, Black Sheep, Lover Lover, Jim Walsh, Urmie, Blahski, TRDave, Azeltas and many more. We also took all the FBI maps and added them to Madness. We had only started out with 1 server on TMNF and soon started recruiting. We eventually expanded to have 4 servers and more than 70 members. We also have made many friends with other well-knows clan like FUN, UxG, TSPC, Asylum, .nxt, Dukez and wnb. We have become a online gaming family. Since then we have started a TM2 Stadium server and in hopes we will eventually like to get everyone to move over to that and start expanding more with new servers.

I'd also like for the founders to say a little about themselves as well. So Sprinter, BlackSheep and Stoked - please edit this when you have time.

Kenny- My name is Kenny Kranz and I live in Montana/USA. I am 28 years old and am a single father of an awesome 4 year old daughter. Her name is Vivian Aurora. I have been gaming for 15+ years now. I started out playing Counter Strike 1.3 with a clan called [LAG] and then eventually moved to CS 1.6, CS:Source and CS:GO. I have played many games from Guild wars 1 and 2, most of the Call of Duty's, League of Legends and many more. I have been playing Track Mania for almost 4 years now. I have also been trying to teach my daughter how to play TM as well so watch she comes to woop some butt. Apart from gaming I worked at Montana State Prison for 5 years and became extremely proficient with a pistol, shotgun and a tazer. I have shot over 15 people with the Tazer and actually have one of my Tazer shots on the official Tazer training video now. I then went on to do some other things but most recently I have opened my own stained glass business and seem to be doing pretty well. And I guess the last thing I should add is that Frosty is my younger brother and hes been playing TM for almost as long as me as well. See you out there on the track!

Sprinter -

Stoked - Hi, my name is Nathan Robb (or Nate for short) and I currently live in Hamilton New Zealand, however I grew up in Tauranga New Zealand (which I think is a much nicer place :( ). I'm 19 years old and studying a Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Science at Waikato University. It is my 2nd year of study and 1st year flatting away from home :O . I also have played TM for a while, approximately 3 and a half years. It was just by chance that I was handed a demo disc at an Electronics expo which held TMNF and from then I've been hooked. The first clan I joined was called Rookies but needed to leave it due to the time difference being to great for me to participate in any clan events. I then created a 2nd account in TM and went on a trial recruitment for ATR (dirt clan) but again realized the time difference limited my participation in clan events so I decided not to complete the trial period. I switched back to my original account and that was when Blacksheep and I began creating an Oceania based clan, we created a clan called TFK (the flying kiwi's) but due to our terrible organisation that eventually fell through. After that FBI unfortunately shut down (my timing around here may be off, I don't remember this time too well). I have only really been gaming since I was 15 years old, playing Diablo II, Call of Duty 4 and of course TMNF. I currently play Diablo III, TMUF, TM² Stadium, League of Legends and a little COD4 when I have the time. I've only really been a student but hopefully that will change in a couple of years! I have 2 older sisters and a little nephew who is almost 9 months old and so close to walking. Cheers everyone and hopefully I can get to know you all a bit better also :)

BlackSheep -
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Re: Clan History

Postby Scorm » Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:51 pm

Hey, you forgot a description for BlackSheep,
I'll help you a little :mrgreen:

BlackSheep - Hi I'm from New Zealand and drunk atm. You shall not see me on TrackMania when I ain't drunk, cause I need to feed my dear dogs and sheep. I like to party hard and drive awesome times on tricky lol maps. Catch with you guys later, I ran out of whisky while writing my description.

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Re: Clan History

Postby twister » Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:31 pm

nice so when are you shuting down the nations servers. and is there gona be a lunatic server on stadium too and im realy confused abaout kennys douther :?
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Re: Clan History

Postby Kenny » Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:37 pm

LOL Whats to be confused about Twister?
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Re: Clan History

Postby SpiderX22 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 3:37 am

Your daughter has a ballin' name Kenny.
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Re: Clan History

Postby Kenny » Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:13 am

Haha Thanks!
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Re: Clan History

Postby Leo » Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:00 am

well, thats nice of you guys... good to know some thing about the team and the creators of the team :))
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