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Hello there!

Postby KardNeN » Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:02 pm

My name is Tim! (really annoying when people call me Timeeeehhh from South Park), my login name on trackmania is the_skint and my trackmania name is KardNen (epic right?). I am a 16 y/o males from England. Although.... I was born in London, lived in Portugal for a while, my Grandparents on my mothers side are welsh, and on my fathers side are: Polish, and French. I am currently involved in the Lunatic server of the rG clan, which is probably my favourite server so far. I still haven't got the paid version of trackmania but am considering it. I probably play trackmania 2-3 hours a day (depends with school work) and I have played TM for... possible 4 months now. My favorite style of maps are LOL maps, and I play for fun (I am not too sure what competetive is tbh.)

Hello, I guess!
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