Clan Rules *NEW* - please read

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Clan Rules *NEW* - please read

Postby Kenny » Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:16 pm

Here is the new clan rules. Please read and if you have any questions, please ask

  • Recruitment:
    • Any interested person who wants to join rG MUST:
    • Sign up on forums and Submit an application
    • Current Clan Members will either vote +1 or -1 for the applicant
    • Applicants must have at least +8 combined votes from current rG members
    • Once approved, the applicant will be issued clan tags (Note: There is different clan tags for the race team)
  • General Behavior:
    • Language : We all cuss and we are not going to forbid cuss words but please be mature about it.
    • Attitude : All members are expected to show a good attitude while they are representing the clan. Good attitude also includes no fighting with other rG members while in public, and also the use of racial comments will be strictly off limits.
    • Mild Participation - playing on the servers and on forum, open about race wars if they are in race team.
  • Server Rules:
    • If on other clans servers, don't advertise madness (a lot of clans disapprove of server advertisement).
    • Don't ask for operator or admin status all the time, just make the admins aware of your interest and leave it at that. Proving yourself and waiting for an opening to appear.
  • Forum Rules:
    • Post in the best area in the forum you can.
    • Don't post links which are spam or looking for people to visit the page to get rewards
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