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Any new players joining this forum please introduce yourself.
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Introduction Rules

Postby stoked. » Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:41 am

Please introduce yourself, using this template can be a good way to start. (make sure if you are a trial member or an applicant to fill in the bottom section)

Basic Information (IA= if applicable, *= optional)
#Name: ______
#My Trackmania login is: ______
#My Trackmania Name is: ______
#Gender (M/F): ______
#Age: ______
#My Location is (country): ______
#My Xfire login is (IA)*: ______
#I am Currently involved with Refex Gamers, (I am a/an Admin, Member, Trial or I have no current involvement): ______
#My Favourate Trackmania Server is*: ______
#I have Trackmania United/Nations*: _______
#I play trackmania ____* hours a week
#I have played TM for ____* months
#Gaming Style (Fun/Competitve/etc)*: ______
#Gaming Rig*: ______

For aplications and current trial members
#I want to be apart of the Reflex Gamers community because: ______
#Who recomended you to join (IA)*: ______
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